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MI DNR Warns Public Of Deer Meat Concern
Hunters are being told that they shouldn’t eat meat from deer taken within five miles of Clark’s Marsh in Oscoda Township. That includes venison that some hunters may have in their freezers. The area in question — rife with state-owned property north or Rea Road — is a hot spot for deer hunters, many coming from as far as Detroit, or even Ohio. According to researchers, the testing of the deer that flagged...

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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    NJ Anti-Bear Hunting Bills Introduced
    New Jersey Sen. Vin Gopal (D- Monmouth County) sponsored two bills that would politicize the New Jersey black bear management program and shut down bear hunting. Senate Bills 3007 and 3008 would create a moratorium on bear hunting until a new comprehensive bear management plan is in place and mandate that the state’s comprehensive bear management plan be redone each year...

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  • NY Hunter Dies Of Rare Disorder After Eating Bad Squirrel Brains
  • Michigan Man Leaves Skunk In Front Yard Live Trap Four Days

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